Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Attract More Ground-feeding Birds to Your Yard

Ground-feeding birds’, such as native sparrows, juncos, towhees, quail and doves, natural habitat is comprised of meadows and fields where seeds from plants grow close to the ground and/or fall to the ground and become a source of food. Here are some tips on meeting their needs and attracting them to your yard.


White Millet


    Most ground-feeding birds prefer millet. It can be eaten quickly, an important fact when the weather is working against you.
    Our Deluxe Blend is loaded with sunflower, safflower and millet.
    Our No-Mess Blend also has hulled millet and will not leave seed debris.
EcoTough Covered Ground Tray


    Our EcoTough® Covered Ground Tray is perfect for these birds. Because food is not open to the elements or directly on the ground, it remains fresher, longer. The roof also provides visiting birds protection from the weather.
    If you have squirrels or raccoons, we have On-Guard™ cages that can fit on ground trays. This will allow smaller, ground-feeding birds to enter, but keep the critters out.
    If you are looking for a multi-function feeder, our Classic hopper feeder is elevated, but it lets seed spill to the ground, allowing birds to dine.
EcoTough Ground Tray with On-Guard Cage


    Where feeders are placed is very important. Place feeders near shrubs or another kind of "windbreak" to provide your ground-feeding birds a safe place to hide, digest their food and escape from windy/snowy conditions.