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How to Feed Summer Birds

There are numerous reasons to feed your birds during the summer. A growing cast of new and different birds are visiting feeders, all birds are sporting their most vibrant plumage and the young birds are learning where and how to feed.

Advanced Pole System Feeder Set UpRecommended Feeders

Our WBU Classic Too hopper feeder will keep your birds and food dry in summer rains. This feeder accommodates a wide variety of birds, and its curved ends let you view visiting birds on both sides at the same time. The Classic Too is available in wooden and EcoTough™ styles.


Our Quick-Clean™ Seed Tube Feeders are also a must for any backyard bird feeding station. They are easy to fill and clean, features that will help you keep your food fresh. Add a tray for tidy dining and to increase the number of birds that can feed.


The Wild Birds Unlimited Eliminator allows you to feed the birds you want while deterring squirrels and larger birds. Its patented ventilation system keeps seed dry and fresh.
The EZ-Attach Suet Feeder, with your choice of suet, will satisfy woodpeckers, their fledglings and other clinging birds.

Also, add our Raccoon Baffle to your feeding station and keep problematic raccoons and squirrels at bay.

Recommended Foods

Use safflower seed. Though seed-eating birds like it, squirrels and blackbirds don’t care for safflower. It works great in our Quick-Clean Seed Tube Feeders.

Our Wild Birds Unlimited Supreme Blend attracts a wide variety of summer birds, including young fledglings. This blend works well in our Eliminator and other feeders.


For a tidy dining combination, offer our WBU No-Mess Blend in the WBU Classic Too.

Chickadee on Quick-Clean Tube Feeder

Quick-Clean™ Tube
with Safflower

Eliminator with
Supreme Blend
Classic Too
Classic Too Hopper Feeder
for No-Mess Blend