Meet the Flock

We are all dedicated to providing you with great
customer service and a pleasant shopping experience.

Ben and Renee | Owners

Renee and I opened our first store back in 1984 in a small 720 sq. ft. retail location near Parkview Hospital on State Street. Back then the concept of a specialty store featuring backyard bird feeding supplies and nature gifts was quite unique, and the variety and availability of such products were much less tah today. It has been an absolute blast over the years growing this store with the help and dedication of all our customers and our very capable sales staff, our “behind the scenes” support staff, and our managers. Working in the store is very rewarding on so many levels. We truly love working with our customers and staff knowing that our products, the birds and critters they attract, and the education we provide them about the hobby brings year round pleasure to the lives of so many.  Running a retail store requires wearing many hats each and every day, and it is this variety and challenge that keeps us motivated. It is so hard to understand where all the years have gone. At this point in our lives we have raised our three wonderful children who have now all fledged the nest, leaving Momma Renee and Papa Ben to watch them spread their wings and soar into their futures. Living in an empty nest is new for us, but we do enjoy the freedom to live more spontaneously once again. While family time is always first, Renee and I both love to travel, scuba dive, downhill ski and play golf together. Separately, Renee loves to read, keep up with the kids and manage our home, while I gravitate to fishing, underwater photography, boating, hiking, bird watching, and virtually any outdoor activity.


Jonas | General Manager

Certified Bird Feeding Specialist

I just joined the Wild Birds Unlimited family in 2016. It was one of the best and easiest decisions I ever made to come on board, after meeting the owners and store team I get to work with, an absolutely delightful Flock of People!

After a 25 year career in specialty and home improvement retail, I was looking for something that would inspire and revive my passion for nature and backyard living. Here I have found a team equally passionate about taking care of the customer and nurturing nature concepts. I am honored to work with such a wonderful team and owners, and it is a true pleasure to learn how I can be the best possible resource for them. I am looking forward to this journey of getting to know each and every one of our dedicated customers, and learn how we can continue to improve or enhance their backyard bird feeding experiences!


Jan | Sales Floor Leader

Certified Bird Feeding Specialist, Certified Optics Specialist

As a former teacher and lifelong learner, I enjoy sharing my bird stories with our customers. In my ten years at Wild Birds Unlimited I have made many friends and learned many new and interesting facts about birds and the people who like to watch the birds. I know it is spring when I see my first yellow feathered goldfinch in my backyard.


William “Bill”

I have worked at Wild Birds Unlimited for 10 years. I have been interested in birds for many years. It started over 30 years ago when I was teaching Cub Scouts to build bird houses and bird feeders. I worked for General Electric for 30+ years and Poly-Hi-Solidar for 5 1/2 years. My favorite birds are yellow finches and cardinals. The things I like about working at Wild Birds Unlimited are the people I work with and the great owners, plus the quality products and seed that we sell and the dedicated customers that we serve. My hobbies include woodworking, coin collecting and working on our 1930 model "A" Ford.


Education Specialist

Certified Bird Feeding Specialist, Certified Optics Specialist

It has been my pleasure to work for Ben and Renee at Wild Birds Unlimited in Ft. Wayne since the spring of 1986. I have been watching birds for as long as I can remember. My family moved a lot when I was growing up, and one of the things I always looked forward to was seeing what kind of new birds I could attract. I always enjoy going to work and hearing from our customers about the birds and wildlife in their yards. I think the thing I enjoy the most is the challenge of helping someone with a problem they may have been having, and find it very rewarding to hear back from them that the problem has been solved. When I am not at the store, I can be found out at the barn where I board our two horses or running one of our three children to a horse show, Boy Scouts, or 4-H.



Certified Bird Feeding Specialist, Certified Optics Specialist

If you have ever heard, "Bluebird, bluebird, bluebird" when you've been in the store, that's me, explaining how to call your bluebirds to the feeders. Might sound strange, but it works! I've enjoyed sharing and listening to customers stories for over six years. I love working with people and helping explain this great hobby.



Certified Bird Feeding Specialist, Certified Optics Specialist

After "flying" around the world to visit several countries and living in Germany for four years, I landed in Ft. Wayne. My husband, Rich, of 35 years, and I have been feeding birds and squirrels ever since. We have been longtime customers of Wild Birds Unlimited, where I began working almost 8 years ago. Working with nature lovers is wonderful, never an angry word! We are retired and love golf, traveling and gourmet cooking. Most of all we love our family, my son Darron, his wife Jennifer and our wonderful Grandchildren, Connor and Jadyn.



Certified Bird Feeding Specialist, Certified Optics Specialist

Hi. I'm Linda. My husband and I are lifelong bird watchers and enjoy the hobby immensely. Working here, learning from the individual experiences of all of our wonderful, knowledgeable customers and friends only enhance the enjoyment.



I've worked at Wild Birds Unlimited since December of 2010. The staff is easy to get along with and the fork truck is fun to drive. My previous jobs were at Chase Bank for 27 years and driving for an armored car company. My favorite bird is the hummingbird (even if they don't know the words)! I enjoy going on mini vacations, especially to Michigan and Mackinac Island. I also like to work in the yard and garden.



Certified Bird Feeding Specialist, Certified Optics Specialist

I have worked at Wild Birds Unlimited for 10 years and really enjoy the conversations with customers and coworkers about their nature experiences. I have been feeding the critters on and off for approximately 30 years. I am a retired federal employee and truly enjoy the relaxation of bird and critter feeding and watching. I enjoy going to car club meetings/shows and to the lake with my grandchildren. I am also involved in numerous charitable organizations when I have the time.




Certified Bird Feeding Specialist

I grew up on a large farm in Northern Illinois, so I was exposed to the wild creatures at an early age.  I have been feeding the birds in my yard and love seeing the birds gather.  I have been a customer of Wild Birds Unlimited for years and love the staff and store.  Now that I work here, I am blessed with such great learning experiences and I love being able to help those that come in with questions and birding needs.  It is so nice to be able to help someone just starting out, or with long experience with the birds.  I learn more every day and our customers love of their birds is so contagious.